Letting Go, The Storage Unit Gambit

Last fall I crossed off a long held goal of clearing out my storage locker.

It took some wrangling to get it done, a consortium of friends and family, a situation to where I ended up with more days off than usual, and the proper logistics in place.  But it’s done.

A series of events left me with a storage locker filled with my wordily possessions and I lived without them for over a year.  I paid them $130 a month for the privilege of parking my stuff there.  Insane I know, and it was also the cheapest place in town.  My storage locker will filled with my stuff, everything, furniture, my decrepit coffee maker that I never used, end tables, a collection of junk. It made no sense to keep it, considering I could replace everything with a couple months worth of rent.

I ended up moving and had to leave my storage unit,  6 hours away.  Too far to causally withdraw things.  It started bugging me, there were a few things I needed at my new digs, but most of it I didn’t need.  Once I started cleaning it up, I even realized that there was stuff that I had forgot about it.

What did I do with most of my stuff?  If it didn’t fit, it didn’t ship, I donated most of it.  Donating a mattress is tricky, because everyone is concerned about bed bugs.  What I could fit in the car went to my new temporary digs.  No more $130 monthly rent, no more stuff that made no sense to keep.

This was a nice lesson from minimalism.  This stuff was just there sitting and waiting and now I don’t have that burden anymore and it feels good.



One thought on “Letting Go, The Storage Unit Gambit

  1. Great choice. I moved from MD to MA and I had a storage unit for about 6 months and I paid $225 a month. I bought a house and that was the end of the storage unit. Do you know what I realized? I didn’t need all those things.

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