Quit Window Shopping

Let me sketch a scene out for you:

Bordem has struck your heart. Perhaps you are enjoying the company of your friends, maybe it’s a Tuesday and don’t have work or school.  The air conditioner is set at a cool setting of 6, the sun sits high in the sky as you look out the window.  You’ve had enough of binge watching The Office, you want to seize the day, you want to do something.  Something, anything.

You grab your keys, you get in the car and set your compass to the mall.

It passes as an activity, after all you have to put on clothes to do it. You park in parking lot which is essentially a large tarmac for the all the consumers.  You feel as if this place is now the new public square.  You shuffle through the large parking lot and open the glass doors, the blast of cool air welcomes you to the mall.

You start to walk around, you walk to your litany of stores and you spy signs, advertisements, stuff to influence you.

You go to Trendy Planet and do a couple laps.

Oh wowzers these shoes are like $15 off, I’d be clinically brain dead if I did not buy these!”. 

Now you’re walking around Trendy planet with shoes in your hand and a few cool minutes later you are now an ambivalent owner of Kevin O’Leary brand running shoes.

Window shopping is one of the biggest conduits of unplanned buying.  One of the simplest ways to cut down on unplanned purchases is just simply not being in that situation where you can buy stuff. The next time you are bored, go for a walk instead, geocache, or visit a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.  Whatever you do, don’t go shopping for no reason, it’s the number one way to lose your money.


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