A Year in Review

2016 is almost over, and what a zany year.  We have a litany of celebrities who died, I’m not even embarrassed to say I cant name a single one on the top of my head, but I know death has been stalking beloved people.  I have a difficult time hiding the near universal disdain I hold for the litany of disastrous political stories of this year.  Probably the only thing looking bright for the future in the political realm is going to be the never-ending amount of hilarious stories and a new golden age of satire, but alas the fun will stop once reality sets in.

2016 has been a big year for me personally and not such a big year for this website.  In the next few weeks I’ll be publishing reflection pieces on this website, frugality and myself.  My eight readers may shrink to five after this month, but where there is no reflection there is no growth.

Smoke in the nacelle, see ya on the bleeding edge.





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