The Dream (Podcast)

I recently finished listening to a podcast called The Dream. The Dream is an investigative journalistic podcast produced by Little Everywhere and is hosted by Jane Marie.

The first season of The Dream covers the MLM industry, or “direct sales” as some call the MLM industry. This series is a great tour of the world of MLMs.  It starts with a literal discussion of pyramid schemes (what would now be called a no-product pyramid scheme).  The type of pyramid scheme that a high school teacher might use as an example when talking about exponents.   Later on the team on the Dream actually join a MLM and get to see and feel the pain train of the MLM grind.

The Dream had to carefully navigate a particularly litigious industry.  The reporting and investigation is top notch, The Dream interviews a litany of characters, and it is fair to say this podcast certainly gives MLMs a fair chance to respond to kilometres of issues that raised throughout the series.

From rural Michigan, the series eventfully takes listeners to a sobering place.  The Dream explores how the MLM industry has embedded itself into the top political class of the United States, and explains why MLMs are more persistent than Rasputin. Readers see the explosives battles between the FTC and the nascent industry and eventfully the knock out blow that the MLM industry delivers to regulators.

This podcast is certainly recommended listening.

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