Book Reviews

Information is key and it may be surprising, but lots of information comes in books.   I have a decent hook-up for cheap books, so I occasionally buy some and review them here.

Anti-Consumption Books

The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard
A book that tells the story of our stuff, our mass produced stuff. From extraction in the global south to manufacturing, to the shelves, to our homes.


Consumed by Benjamin Barber
Benjamin Barber discusses how consumerism has inftantilized our society.

No Logo by Naomi Klein 
Review coming shortly

Financial books/Economonics

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
This book is about rationality.  The jugular of the argument is simple: we are not the complicated rational computers that classical economics assumes us to be, rational utility maximizers,   Ariely uses a series of experiments to show that we are irrational in many areas. 


The Financial Matrix by Orrin Woodward
This book  is by enterprising Orrin Woodward, detailing his case for what is wrong with the economy (the financial matrix which enslaves us).  It is book to support his MLM (multi-level marketing) enterprise: Life Leadership.


Retail Books

The Wal-Mart Effect by Charles Fishman
This book is about the corporate leviathan that Walmart has become. Pack full of interest facts and peels back the thick curtain at Bentonville to reveal how Walmart operates.


Why We Buy by Paco Underhill
This book is about retail operations and how retailers can make their stores better.  Written by Paco Underhill CEO of Envirosell (as you would find out if you read this book).


Buyology by Martin Lindstrom
Buyology is a neural investigation into the brains of consumers, what influences our decisions to buy, how well do the standard cliches of Madison avenue advertising ring true? Lindstrom answers some of these questions.


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