TL;DR Anti-consumerism, frugality and living better

The Frugal Nexus is a personal project of mine. I like to chat about consumerism, frugality, books and how to live  a better life.

I’m really not sure what came first to me, a frugal lifestyle or if a frugal lifestyle was cultivated at the behest of my proto anti-consumer thoughts.

In high school I thought the mall was pretty stupid, I thought buying $50  T-shirts from a myriad of brand name stores was pretty dumb.  I remember my grade ten math teacher, bragging and declaring how her Mac was the best thing to ever happen since the discovery of fire.  I thought Macs were (and still are) pretty dumb.

My thoughts and ideas have evolved from declaring things to be dumb, to discussing the wider implications and listing more substantive reasons for why consumerism is dumb.

I never lived through the depression, but during my university years I had to learn to do with very little money.  Instead of being a whiny bozo about it, I started to embrace it and use it to my advantage.  Get more for my money.  This project is more than just sharing tips to beat the stores and get more for your money.   Everything is on the table, the economy, a better way of living, and maybe something about saving some money.

If you want to read some of my greatest hits, here’s a short list:

I proverbially beat the hell out of MLMs (LIFE leadership in particular) with my words. 

As I said above, I still think Macs and Apple by extension is pretty dumb, here is why. 

Bored and broke?  Go Geocaching 

Want to talk about books? Here’s a list of my book reviews  or you can check out my Goodreads page.

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