A list of good books related to ideas discussed on this website, also this is a gateway to other websites that have similar type discussions.


No Logo – Naomi Klein
A book on alter-globalization and challenging the Brand.  It provides great descriptive power on accounting for how corporations have moved from manufacturing to being in the business of brands.  Definitely one of the core readings for an anti-consumer student.

Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic
A classic, certainly one of the defining books regarding the genre.

I Spend Therefore I Am: How Economics Has Changed the Way We Think and Feel – Philip Roscoe

A book that challenges how we think about economics and how it has infiltrated our everyday lives.

The Story of Stuff – Annie Leonard



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Inconspicuous Consumption A new theory of the leisure class

The nascent Frugal Nexus will updates this list as resources come in. Feel free to suggest more.

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